Created naturally over 250 million years ago, Himalayan salt is a crucial ingredient in almost all Salt & Crystal products. Containing over 84 minerals beneficial to the human body, it is considered to be one of the healthiest and purest salts in the world.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt

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Definitely the most lovely and unique retail shop in all of Dubai. Guys you are amazing! I simply love all of your products, especially the salt plates.

- Chef Vinh

OMG this scrub is terrific!!! It smells amazing, my skin is so soft and smooth, I have never tried better scrub. I would sniff myself all day.

- Natalia – English Professor

Since we put Himalayan Salt Lamp in kids’ room, our son stops cuffing. Thank you so much.

- Mother – Jessy

Last night I baked fish in the oven using your salt plate. That was the most delicious salmon I have ever eaten!

- Gordon – Bar manager

Himalayan Salt Wall looks amazing, thank you for making it happen!

- Elisa – Inspire Me Yoga

Salt Wall looks AMAZING!

- Kelly – Wellness Masters

Sometimes I get a filing that I want to have a bite from your lovely soaps.

- Daniela – E Recycling

At the beginning I was sceptic but since I start wearing rose quart bracelet, I meet the love of my life.

- Tina – Spa Manager

Guys I pass the exam thanks to vibes from my lapis Lazuli bracelet. Thanks.

- Maxim – University Student

Salt and crystals
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