OUR Story

Do you remember that feeling of first love, when your whole body is invaded with happiness and excitement at the same time? It is precisely what happened once I saw a piece of Himalayan salt rock. When I first held this ancient rock in my hands, immediately I felt a strong connection, and the feeling stayed with me to these days.

The fact that the salt mine was discovered by Alexander the Great on his way to India, inspired me even more since we are sharing the same origin. It was a sign! Most of my family and friends were suspicious and didn’t believe in developing a business around Himalayan salt. However, my wife was supportive of my enthusiasm and passion, so we continued our journey together. We were encouraged to offer something good to the world and help people to increase their awareness about their wellbeing.

That was a beginning towards the spiritual realm. In the process we attended numerous courses, workshops, lectures

Teachers, gurus and religions became our guides. This is how Salt & Crystals was born.

We use our products as a vehicle for a healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth of ourselves and our clients.

Our philosophy is our belief, that using natural health products is the beginning of personal growth. In other words, once you start taking care of yourself you have made the first step towards higher life meanings.

We became experts in our field, but we are still open to learn and explore. After a decade of hardwork, today, Salt & Crystal is a recognized brand in UAE and GCC region. With more than a hundred products created with love and passion and lovely partnerships, we are living our dream today.

Our vision is simple, to spread our message around the world via venues where people can connect, and share their experiences through Salt & Crystals products coming from Mother Nature….

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