Himalayan Salt Rooms, Caves, Walls, and:

Halo-Therapy Expertise

Himalayan Salt Rooms, Caves, Walls and:


Enhance your health and well-being with the centuries-old tradition of Halotherapy. At Salt & Crystal, we possess the expert knowledge and experience needed to bring your Halotherapy vision to life.

Our Halotherapy spaces are not just about improving your health, but also creating unique and memorable ambiance. Our precision expertise is honed from over a decade of helping clients achieve their Halotherapy dreams.

All you need is your vision, leave the rest to us. We use only the finest Himalayan salt bricks, advanced equipment, and specialist expertise to craft your one-of-a-kind Halotherapy masterpiece. And with our extensive inventory of bricks right here in the UAE, we can get started on your project immediately. Book your free consultation with us today at SaltRooms.ae and experience the benefits of Halotherapy for yourself.