Natural shaped Himalayan salt lamp provide perfect gentle-lite ambience to improve any space and clear energy of your home or office.

2-3 kg size lamp is ideal for ionizing air up to 10 – 12 sqm area.

5-7 kg size lamp is ideal for ionizing air up to 15 – 22 sqm area.

7-10 kg size lamp is ideal for ionizing air up to 20 – 27 sqm area.


This petite Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful option to enhance your environment end enjoy pleasing soft glow in a room.

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture. The heat from the bulb keeps the lamp dry and produces the negative ions emission. Result – you inhale clean purified air, charged with negative ions. Our Himalayan salt lamps reduce allergens and pollutants.

Weight: 2-3 kg                                  Weight:5-7 kg                              Weight:7-10kg

Height(approx.): 20 cm                  Height:23 cm                                Height: 26 cm

Wight (approx.): 10 cm                    Wight:15 cm                                  Wight: 18 cm

Instructions to use: Himalayan salt lamp should always be left on. If you do not leave your lamps on for long periods of time, your lamp can begin to sweat. This, crying’’ can make a mess, since these lamps are hygroscopic, they need to be warmed in order to pull the moisture from the air.

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