Himalayan Healing Ritual

Our experience, knowledge, and positive client feedback inspired us to use the benefits of Himalayan Salt in the therapeutic field, so we created The Himalayan Healing Ritual.

My name is Snezana, and I am a Physiotherapist, Pranic healer, and Certified Kinesiologist. During my healing sessions, I always ask my clients why they love to go to the beach and take a sea bath Suntan and swim, but the reality is our body is in need of a natural detox.

So yes, salty water and salt, in general, are powerful detoxifiers. In the Himalayan salt healing ritual we are using the benefits of salt to perform a unique treatment.

Himalayan salt is more than 250 million years old and represents the purest form of salt on the earth today.

The Treatment

The healing ritual begins with a 30min gentle Body Scrub. The main component of our scrub is pure Himalayan Salt enriched with shea butter, essential oils and grape seed oil. A Heated Himalayan salt stone massage follows, as a deep relaxing and detoxifying treatment. These salt stones, in combination with a manual hand massage, will create a magically relaxing experience. This treatment rejuvenates your body, balances your energies, and makes you feel awesome.


  • Deep Exfoliation and lasting hydration of your skin – thanks to the Himalayan salt scrub enriched with essential oil and shea butter.
  • Body Healing & Detox- due to the powerful benefits of the Himalayan salt crystals
  • Skin rejuvenation – due to easy absorption of 84 minerals contained in Himalayan salt.
  • Energy balance, muscle tension, and stress relief.

Training & Courses

Salt & Crystal offer 2 Days training course for staff members/therapists to Spa Salons, Clinics or Treatment- Healing centers. We highly recommend providing this treatment in your establishment – we promise your clients will love it.

If you are curious for a personal experience of the Himalayan Salt Healing Ritual, please contact us, and we will direct you to some of our Partners who have already been trained and successfully deliver this treatment on their premises.


Himalayan Salt therapy is an amazing and energizing treatment which will bring you as a new born baby after a 90 minutes session. Our guest were happy with their Spa experience with this unique spa treatments. The training by Ms. Snezana was really very informative and she is an excellent trainer

- Siraj Halyara
Director of Spa Operations at Zarya wellness

I have chosen Himalayan Rock salt treatments due to the therapeutic beneficial results and impact it has on clients but also for therapists. The Salt Rocks are so smooth, easy to handle and hold the heat without having to have them too hot to handle. The treatment is beautiful and extremely relaxing whilst making a difference to the clients physical health. Also the customer care of the company with Snezana is fantastic and this makes the working relationship so positive.

- Daniella Russell from DR Global-Daniella Russell FZE

All the clients are happy and giving us a good comments after their treatment, it is the most requested among massage.Also the therapists like the treatment and they are recommending always to their clients

- Feedback from Sharjah Ladies Club

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